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by Jennifer on Blank Business Name
The Magic of Pet Therapy

As a Recreation Director of an Alzheimer’s/memory care unit, I am always looking for ways to meet the needs and support all of our residents. Pets bring numerous benefits to all of us including companionship, unconditional love, excitement and fun. When Therapy Dogs of Long Island come to visit, I am amazed each week as I watch my residents come to life and give the biggest smiles I have ever seen. Play time and individual room visits with our therapy dogs Barbie, Ken and Pumpkin have shown positive improvements including reduced confusion, anxiety, agitation, irritability, depression and loneliness in our residents. The best therapists have fur and four legs! I am so greatful for Therapy Dogs of Long Island and the huge impact they make during their visits.

Bringing smiles every week

I love when Terry brings her therapy dogs to visit the kids at St.Mary's Hospital for Children. I especially enjoy when a child who normally won't participate in an activity will suddenly want to see Ken and Barbie. Their faces light up and before you know it everyone is smiling!

by Victoria Gentile on Blank Business Name
Therapy Dogs

Terry and her dogs have been visiting my special education classroom weekly. To say that my students are excited each week is an understatement. Barbie, Ken and Pumpkin are the kindest and most patient animals for my students. They provide motivation to help my students build on their communication skills, as well as learn about turn taking, waiting, and allowing them opportunities to take care of the dogs. I cannot thank Terry enough for providing this beautiful service to my students. The therapy has helped my students grow in so many ways, and I’ve never seen bigger smiles when the dogs are visiting. Thanks you Theapy Dogs of Long Island!!

by Lisa Cangemi on Blank Business Name
Mill Neck School

These dogs are precious. They love people, they are calm, patient and loving, and are so comforting for anyone who comes into contact with them. The students read to the dogs, and enjoy reading steadily and surely, with confidence. The dogs listen well, and this is a positive assurance for the students at Mill Neck Manor DEC to learn their reading skills and build confidence! THANK YOU!

by Jennifer on Blank Business Name
Woodhaven Center of Care

The Residents at Woodhaven Center of Care's memory care unit look forward to their weekly visit with Barbie, Ken and Pumpkin! It is truly heart warming and amazing to see how much joy these animals bring to them. We are so thankful to Therapy Dogs of Long Island for volunteering their time with us each week. Our residents love throwing the ball for the dogs, getting 1 on 1 cuddle time in their rooms and watching them do tricks! A big thanks to Terry and Therapy Dogs of Long Island for burning so much joy to my residents.

sloan kettering commack

This service is so beneficial when barbie comes to visit in the chemo rooms. she brings so much joy and happiness to me as a patient and to my family who joins me in the treatment rooms. Its uplifting and really changes the atmosphere. thank you so much for this service and the time spent really changing peoples experiences to positive ones!

by Jessica O'Hagan on Blank Business Name
St. Mary's Hospital for Children

Our children, staff and families look forward to weekly pet therapy with Ken, Barbie and Pumpkin! They have a special bond with our kids. We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to bring so many smiles to these very special children. The dogs motivate and enable our children to reach their full potential. We wish they were here every day!

We enjoy our weekly visits also! Thanks Jessica!

by Nicole LiVigni on Blank Business Name
Mills Pond Nursing Home

Our residents look forward to their weekly visits with Ken, Barbie and Pumpkin. When we have pet therapy at our facility the residents’ spirits are lifted. You can see them light up when Ken, Barbie or Pumpkin walk into the room. Thank you for all that you do!

Thank you Nicole!